Acmetol 44


Mixture of Zinc and Alkali soaps derivatives

It is used as a dispersing aid, flow promoter and cure activator, suited for NR and synthetic rubber like SBR and EPDM(except for halogenated elastomers). Improves dispersion of mineral fillers and carbon black, providing uniform viscosity from batch-to-batch, suited for applications with extruded compounds but also offers advantages in transfer molding and injection molding. It also acts as a cure activator, therefore dosage of stearic acid has be reduced in compound recipe(1 to 3 phr).


Appearance Creamish Flakes or Beads
Ash content (%. Max) 14.00
Dropping Point (° C ) 95-105
Specific Gravity 1.10

Other Product Features


25 kg. PE bags

Storage Life / Conditions

2 years under normal storage conditions.

Recommendations For Application

ACMETOL -44 i s a newly designed processing additive for applications in natural and synthetic rubber. Due to its selected composition comprising fatty acid derivatives with different polarities, ACMETOL-44 provides excellent improvement of processing behavior for a wide range of elastomers like NR, SBR, and EPDM (except for halogenated elastomers). ACMETOL-44 is especially suited for applications in extruded compounds, but also offers advantages on transfer molding and injection molding. ACMETOL-44 improves dispersion of fillers (especially mineral fillers) and has a beneficial influence on batch-to-batch uniformity. Finally, ACMETOL-44 acts as a cure activator and allows for reduced dosage of stearic acid.


1 - 3 phr