Acmetard RE

Product Identification

N-Cyclohexyl thio phthalimide

Supply Form

White to yellow powder

Major Application

Pre-vulcanization inhibitor (Retarder)

These are very effective non staining/discolouring retarders which improve the scorch safety of compounds undergoing processing & prolong the flow times at curing temperatures. They are more effective in compounds containing Sulphenamides.

Product Characteristics

Property Unit Nominal Value Test Method
Melting Point (Range) °C 89-94 ASTM D 1519A
Loss on Heating % w/w ≤ 0.50 ASTM D 4571
Ash Content % w/w ≤ 0.10 ASTM D 4574
Toluene Insolubles % w/w ≤ 0.50 ASTM D 4934
Identification IR -- Identical to Standard ASTM D 2702

Other Product Features


25 Kgs paper bags

Storage Life / Conditions

2 years from the date of production if stored properly at ambient temperature in original packing.