Acmenox BL

Product Identification

Reaction Product of Acetone & Diphenylamine (ADPA)

Supply Form

Dark brown viscous liquid

Major Application

Anitoxidant for Rubber

This product is available in 100% liquid or dry blend/free flowing powder. It gives good protection against oxidative heat ageing, anti-flex cracking. Being a liquid antioxidant, it reduces compound viscosity and improves tack. During processing there is no heat build-up and hence, higher scorch safety. During extrusion & calendaring, it reduces die swell, it has a better control on dimension & good surface finish. During friction, it has better compound anchoring/penetration into fabric/cord or wetting of steel cord or wire leading to better adhesion in rubber composite.

It does not have any adverse effect on Insoluble Sulphur(no conversion to soluble form) on storage in green compound, hence no sulphur blooming and thus not impairing tack and better adhesion. It gives a better performance in bonding compound for rubber composite(Tyres, belting & hoses). Insoluble Sulphur is also used in hot retread(camel back compound) for OTR & Tractor Tyres as well as in cushion gum compounds. One will get same advantages if BL is used in formulations.

Product Characteristics

Description Unit Nominal Value
FTIR Spectrum - Identical to Standard
G. C. Chromatogram - Identical to Standard
HPLC Chromatogram - Identical to Standard
Moisture (By Dean & Stark) % w/w 0.50 Max
Ash Content at 800°C for 2 Hrs % w/w 0.50 Max
Viscosity (Redwood II) at 130°F Secs 50 to 90
Specific Gravity at 25°C - 1.08 to 1.10

These raw material properties are typical properties and, unless specifically indicated otherwise, are not to be considered as delivery specification.

Other Product Features


25 kg/ 210 kg drum

Storage Life / Conditions

24 months from the date of production if properly stored at ambient temperature.