Acmecure DPG

Chemical Name


Supply Form

Greyish white powder

Major Application

Accelerator for Rubber

These are seldom used alone as they give very slow vulcanization reaction. They are used as secondary accelerator(booster) for Mercapto & Sulphenamide accelerators in NR, NR/BR OR SBR/BR blend based compounds in tread or equivalent compounds. Acmecure DPG & Mercure Thiazole accelerators (MBT & MBTS) boost each other in an extraordinary manner with regard to the rate of cure & degree of crosslinking, their effect being synergistic. Hence this combination is preferred when goods are cured in hot air giving faster and excellent plateau. They have good mechanical properties and better resistance to ageing. When alone, they give slow onset of cure therefore specially used for curing thick articles. In Latex foam these are used as secondary gelling agent.

Product Characteristics

Description Value Test Method
Melting Point (deg. C) 143-150 F-2604
Specific Gravity @25 °C 1.17-1.21 F-2621
Ash 0.50% Max F-2309
Heat Loss @70°C /2 Hrs 0.50%Max F-2602
Dedusting Agent 1.0-3.0% F-2321
Fineness : (For Powder form only)   F-2601
Through ASTM 100 Mesh 99.9% Min  
Through ASTM 200 Mesh 99.5% Min  

These raw material properties are typical properties and, unless specifically indicated otherwise, are not to be considered as delivery specification.


25 kg paper bag

Shelf life:

1 year from the date of production if properly stored at ambient temperature in original packing.