Acmecure DCBS



Supply Form

Off white to brownish microgranules

Major Application

Rubber Accelerator

A Delayed action Sulphenamide for NR, NR-BR & NR-SBR blend compounds reinforced with finer particle sized furnace blacks. Among the all in the Sulphenamide class, DCBS provides the longest delay for cure. Acmecure DCBS exhibits excellent storage stability. DCBS is used at 06-0.9 PHR for conventional cure system(NR based) & 1.1-1.5 PHR(NR/BR or NR/SBR blend based compounds with normal level of Sulphur). For the steel cord carcass/belt compounds of Radial Tyres higher dosage of DCBS (up to 2 PHR) along with insoluble sulphur (up to 4 PHR) are used to achieve the desired rubber composite bond strength. Used in high stress dynamic application such as Steel cord reinforcement, steel cord beltings, camelbacks compound (hot re-treading process), driving belts, OTR Tyres, Rubber to metal bonded goods. Suitable for dynamically stressed technical goods, e.g. buffers and Hoses.

Product Characteristics

Description Unit Nominal Value Method
Specific Gravity at 25°C N/A 1.20 ASTM D 1817
Final Melting Point °C 102.5 ± 2.5 ASTM D 1519
Ash (at 800°C for 2 hrs) % Max 0.40 ASTM D 4574
Moisture % Max 0.40 ASTM D 5460
Infrared Comparison % Same as control ASTM D 2702
Sulfur Content % 18.0 ± 0.5 ASTM D 1619A
Assay by Titration % Min 96 ASTM D 4936
Cyclohexane Insolubles % Max 0.40 ASTM D 4934

Other Product Features


25 kg paper bag

Storage Life

6 Months from the date of manufacture properly stored in original packing at ambient temperature. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight