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Acmechem, founded in early nineties has established itself as a quality  manufacturer of Fine and Performance Chemicals for the Rubber Industry. The company takes pride in developing close links with all its customers. The company has developed a reputation in India as a reliable and successful business partner and is a leader in the adoption and implementation of quality, environmental and regulatory standards.

Acmechem has opted to serve the Tyre/Rubber Industries with a few selected grades of Specialty Chemicals for Rubber which although used in small dosages but are critical inputs and where sources of such chemicals being very limited. Whenever the Indian Rubber Industries has been in search of an authentic/dependable alternate source, Acmechem has tried to fulfill those needs to the utmost satisfaction of its valued customers.

With strong rubber manufacturing industries, Indian market has been vast and growing and has provided a good opportunity for Acmechem. Acmechem has successfully introduced the Chemical Peptizers, Antidegradants, Prevulcanization Inhibitors and Accelerator/Vulcanizing Agent to the fullest satisfaction of the growing Indian Industry. Acmechem today has become the dominant supplier of its Products in India with market share of as hish as 80% or more.

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